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Peep Our Creepy Playdate with Eric Schlösberg

For most people, Halloween is a day for fake blood and wigs, for resuscitating long-forgotten clothes, and whipping them up into one salacious outfit. It’s for ghost stories and spooky movies—and even spookier noises emanating from your stomach after stealing all of your neighbors’ candy.

But not for Eric Schlösberg. For a guy who treats every day like it’s Halloween—for him, an average Tuesday typically calls for creepy clown makeup, a spiked choker, paired with maybe some oversized flannels, black creepers, and a half-dead-looking stuffed animal backpack—today is much more sacred, and supremely more intimate. It’s, y’know, the day you get married—which is exactly what Schlösberg is doing today.

We know this because we had the pleasure of chilling with the NYC-based, Miami raised designer the other week—at a playground in Tompkins Square Park no less. And we thought there was no better day than today to celebrate our favorite bona fide punk who, after only two collections for his namesake label, has wholly solidified his unkempt ‘90s dreamscape aesthetic.

Peep the photos from our little playdate above, and then stay tuned for our cute-ass Q&A.

And oh: congratulations Eric and Logan!!!

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Rachel Hodin and Emily Spinner. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more on our favorite young artists. 

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