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Peep The Best of WHOLE GLORY, Day 2

Scott Campbell returned to the Juxtapoz Clubhouse for day two of WHOLE GLORY to a crowd even more stoked than before. It makes sense—after seeing the first batch of blind creations, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to join Art Basel’s most elite club, headed by the artist himself? We get it.

In true mega fan form, these folks spent the entire morning with their numbered ticket hoping to be called as the lucky winner of a free tat. Kim Cherena, a Miami native, practically arrived at dawn (that’s 7 AM in real time). And when the next winning ticket wasn’t hers?

“I almost cried [laughs]. I was sitting here and the guy sitting next to me got picked and I was like, Fuck! Ha.”

She wasn’t alone in her eagerness to score some ink. Seth Roodman, who’s been following Scott since WHOLE GLORY’s beginning in NYC, was stoked to finally be in the right place at the right time.

“I’ve been a fan of his for a while, when he was in New York, and then when he was in LA, but I moved when he did it in LA, and then I’ve seen him do it in London and Russia and all that too. So I was pretty psyched that he was coming here and I finally get a chance to try it out.”

As for the lucky few that got a real taste (albeit blind) of the artist’s handiwork, it seemed that the artwork was less important that just the simple presence of the renowned Scott Campbell genius.

“I want some really great line work, really clean, and just something unique,” said Javier Dominguez. “But I’m just excited for whatever!”

Scott’s work, whether in NYC, LA, London, or here in Miami, never fails to be sleek, unique, and totally unexpected (for obvious reasons), so his Art Basel participants are in good hands. The bottom line: his genius guarantees beautiful work every time, even if you have no idea what the hell he’s actually doing behind the scenes. In the holiday spirit, Alessandro Capozzi, a lucky winner, summed it up well:

“He’s almost done, and then they’re gonna wrap me like a present and then I get to open it, and it’s gonna be like Christmas!” 

Happy Holidays, Milk fam.

Images courtesy of Cole Giordano.

Stay tuned to Milk for more of Art Basel madness. 

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