Sasha Lane makes her acting debut in American Honey, a film that made waves when it premiered at Cannes last month.



This Shia Labeouf-Starring Movie Absolutely Killed At Cannes

After winning the Jury Prize at the 2016 Cannes Film FestivalAmerican Honey looks poised to capture the same youthful air of Richard Lanklater’s Boyhood. As opposed to focusing on a young man’s growing pains, director Andrea Arnold follows Star, a troubled teenager played by newcomer Sasha Lane, as she joins a band of drifters making their way through the midwest. The trailer, released today, shows off the movie’s mumblecore aesthetics, drawing on non-actors and a documentarian-style to give American Honey a low-budget, honest look. Sasha Lane’s dreads and Shia Labeouf’s eyebrow piercing show a crustier side of youth culture that’s usually too unkempt for Hollywood.

If anything, the trailer reveals the movie’s carefree, youthful feeling. The movie marks British director Andrea Arnold’s first foray into Americana, and it looks like she’s nailed it–especially when it comes to the soundtrack. In the trailer, iLoveMakonnen‘s wonky “I Like Tuh” vibrates in the background as Star drinks and parties her way through increasingly surreal, dangerous situations. And the movie reportedly accents a pivotal scene with music from Rihanna.

For the lead role, Arnold specifically cast a non-professional actor, evoking the gritty, documentarian style she’s explored in previous films such as Red Road and Wasp. This commitment to real-life performance is shared by the movie’s big name star, Shia Labeouf. His latest social media performance, #TAKEMEANYWHERE, has him traveling across the U.S. by tweeting out his coordinates to willing hitchhikers. The performance-cum-roadtrip is set to end June 23rd, just in time for Labeouf to start taking the press circuit to promote this new film.

See the movie Variety calls “part dreamy millennial picaresque, part distorted tapestry of Americana,” when American Honey is released nationwide through A24 later this year.

Images courtesy of A24.

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