Break A Sweat, a film by Petra Collins for adidas



Petra Collins' New Film W/ Stellasport Screams Girl Power

Feminist superstar Petra Collins is at it again, teaming up with adidas to make a short film called ‘BREAK A SWEAT.’ The film, in collaboration with Stellasport (the brand’s line with designer Stella McCartney), follows four female athletes during their training while getting a few words from them about being a woman in a male dominated world.

The athletes, Danielle Colaprico, Carmen Mac, Teshaunna Gray, and Collins’ own sister Anna Collins, sport fun, vibrant Stellasport looks during their practice, but also have some wise words to say about their lives as female athletes. Colaprico remembers being treated differently on her men’s soccer team, “There was one time when I wasn’t even around the ball, and some guy just shoved me to the ground. He got red carded and kicked out of the game… It was hard being the only girl on the field.”

stellasport 2
Finding zen amidst the patriarchy.

However, Mac reminiscences on the power she feels in her sport, saying, “I feel the most powerful when I’m sweating a lot because as a female, or a girl, you’re taught not to break a sweat, not to look like you’ve put any effort into it.”

The looks are fabulous, but what the short film really shows is the strength and power that these women hold over their sport, and their bodies. Unafraid to dedicate themselves to sweat and hard work, Collins and her subjects show us the true meaning of girl power.

Check out the rest of the Stellasport collection here.

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