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PFW Recap: Anthony Vaccarello, Dries Van Noten + Rochas

Hurricane Joaquin may be fast approaching, but the wild storm that is fashion month is coming to a close. We’re in the middle of Paris Fashion Week, the last of the season. Are we sad that the parade of pretty things is coming to a stop? Are we happy that it’s almost — finally — over? We bought a mood ring but the colors are all mixed up, so it’s not really helping us sort out our emotions. But trusty photographer extraordinaire Sonny Vandevelde has the backstage goodies from gay Paree. Check out the sexed-up militants at Anthony Vaccarello, the luxurious brocades at Dries Van Noten, and the Surrealist ladies who lunch at Rochas. Stay tuned for the last shows of the season at PFW!

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