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Photographer Emmanuel Afolabi Is Repping Unity With His New Series

It’s no secret that we’re in an era of disunity—both politically, and in other capacities—and that reality gives us all the more reason to pursue a reunification; our community has always been priority number one, and today, that conviction is more true than ever before. Simply put, it’s all about the fam, always has been, always will be. Photographer Emmanuel Afolabi is on the same wavelength: with his new photo series, specifically, he’s bringing “unity” to life visually—through images of sisterhood, inspired by the 1970s—to bring even greater depth to our understanding and appreciation of the word. We’re here for it.

“I am a storyteller, whether it’s through film or photo,” Afolabi says. “I wanted to capture the unity between sisters, by setting them in the 70s, an era that’s known for many disunities. I had our model, Kokie, and Makeena together to show strength and I also had them separate to show diversity and difference.”

Afolabi said it best: “An unbreakable bond is rare to find.” On that note, check out the full 70s sisters project in the slideshow above.

Photographer: Emmanuel Afolabi (@emmanuel.fola)

Stylist: Patrice Jackson (@Sofwildshop)


Makeena (@missmakeena)

Kokie (@Kokeadile)

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