Yes, suing the Almighty is a real thing.



People Are Suing God

In 2007, Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers filed a lawsuit against the Almighty, blaming him for causing natural disasters. What’s more, he claimed to have tried contacting God on multiple occasions to discuss these issues, but to no avail. Chill, Ernie, maybe his phone was on silent. Maybe he has stuff going on.

Nope, Chambers filed that lawsuit, and low and behold, the case was #dismissed. Why? Because God doesn’t have a permanent address at which he could be served. Guess FedEx needs to upgrade its services a bit.

“God creates man. Man sues god.”

Granted, Chambers didn’t expect anything to come out of the lawsuit, and his gesture was more of a symbolic one to comment on today’s plethora of trivial lawsuits. But Chambers is far from the only one to have legally pursued a holy figure. Back in 2007, for instance, a Romanian man sued God for failing to protect him from the Devil. Just last year, a lawyer in India tried to sue the Hindu god Ram for disrespecting women in ancient scriptures.

Despite God’s lack of a permanent address at which he can be served, and despite the fact that there is no way to enforce the law upon gods, suing them is, technically, legally valid. As Georgetown University law professor Naomi Mezey told Atlas Obscura, “There’s nothing about the basic requirements of a complaint that suggest that you can’t sue God.”

So yes, if you’re fed up with sexism, racism, xenophobia misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, climate change, natural disasters, terrorism, war, poverty, and our Cheeto-skinned president, just sue the big guy in the sky!

Source: Atlas Obscura

Images via Atlas Obscura, Wikipedia

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