“I’m The Moon Baby, but today, you can call me Barbara.”



Pittsburgh Drag Queen Moon Baby Presents: MaraLago Cereal

Mmm, mmm, mmm. “Maralago“, Pittsburgh-based drag queen Moon Baby’s hot new track off her upcoming EP ‘Barbara’, can be simply epitomized as the ultimate dragging of Trump’s ass. An electronic beat overlaid with Moon Baby’s badass lyrics make for one of the hottest diss-tracks we’ve ever heard.

But, not just a single, “Maralago” is an evolving art project centered around the Pittsburg area. The box of cereal featured in the single art will be distributed to grocery stores around the area, but instead of cereal and a toy, the box will be chock full of sand – “rich with [minerals] from the sands of the highly protected and tax-payer backed greens of the MaraLago resort” –  and a bloody golf ball instead of a toy. Don’t worry, if you don’t live around the Pittsburgh area, you can pick up your very own box of MaraLago cereal, too. Each box is $20, and all proceeds from each box sold will be donated to Planned Parenthood. According to Moon Baby’s website, “One trip to MaraLago costs Americans an average of 3.6 million dollars, so the aim of MaraLago cereal is to give back a small portion of what we are all watching slowly turn to dust.” I normally don’t eat breakfast, but catch me pouring myself a bowl or two every morning from now on.

Images via the Moon Baby

Stay tuned to Milk for more on Trump debauchery.

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