If we had Scarlett Johansson in our ears, we might fall in love too.



Please Don't Fall In Love With Your Phone

In a post-Her era, falling in love with your smartphone doesn’t seem so weird. And after a recent study by Assistant.ai on their own users, 40% said that they could imagine falling in love with a Siri-like program, while about a quarter thought that maybe they could fall in love with the artificial intelligence. That’s right around half of 12,000 people imagining being in loving relationships with their phones, which seems like a lot.

But is this so surprising? We live in an era where a lot of intimacy takes place on our phones: it’s where we meet the people we love, it’s where we talk to our families, it holds the pictures from our past. When so many of our personal relationships are based on our phones, moving this relationship literally onto our phones doesn’t seem so weird. Perhaps what’s most terrifying about the phenomenon of falling in love with your phone isn’t the possibility that it could happen, but instead what it says about how humans are connecting with each other now. If you can fall in love with someone who just types nice things to you, is that all you see other people as?  

And it’s not just artificial intelligence programs that are feeling love. Now, people sign up for services like Invisible Girlfriend,  just to create the appearance that they have a significant other. Invisible Girlfriend is “a combination texting, voicemail, and gift service that reinforces the appearance that you’re seeing someone.” But according to the actual “Invisible Girlfriends,” the workers that power the service, many people just use it as a person to tell secrets to, a person to talk to when something goes wrong or right, a shoulder to cry on. 

You may consider us romantics, but isn’t love something more than a witty rapport via iMessage? Should a relationship be talking to Siri and then watching some virtual reality porn?

So, while 40% of people out there could imagine falling in love with their smartphones, maybe it’s something we should try to avoid. Not even for romantic reasons! Let’s not kill the species by falling in love with our phones. That seems like the plot of a horror movie that somebody’s probably out there writing already.  

Image via ScreenRant

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