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Premiere: "A Prose By Nature" Sheds Light on Emotional Introspection

Floral designer Jamie Shin has a way with flowers; that much is obvious. With “A Prose By Nature”, she’s turning that gift into a series of photos (shot by Elizabeth Wirija) that capture the emotion we often feel, but can’t articulate, via nature itself. Guided by the science of chromotherapy, or color healing, “A Prose By Nature” matches each person with an assigned color which then helps to initiate emotional and internal restoration.

“One thing I aim to do with my art is bring the audience back to a sense of organic beauty,” Shin says. “I remind them of what connects us to what’s natural and how it still remains very much relevant and vital. I want my art to heal people and help them understand that we shouldn’t run away from what’s primitive and essential. Since the beginning of time, flowers have always been something that inspired humanity aromatically and aesthetically. My art passes on the traditional value through my own unique point of view.”

In “A Prose By Nature”, mental health is given the prioritization it deserves, and the art of floral design is spotlighted accordingly. View the project in full in the slideshow above, premiering exclusively on Milk.

Creative Director/Florist: Jamie Shin

Photographer: Elizabeth Wirija;

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Kara Yancey

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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