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Premiere: An Industrial Collaboration Between Amelia Holt & Studio Forty Seven

It’s said that two heads are better than one—and there are few projects that embody the power of collaboration more than Tomer Emmar (of Studio Forty Seven) and Amelia Holt‘s new release. Combined with photographer Bryan Anton‘s shots of the artist, this is one premiere you don’t want to miss.

Titled simply “Minimal Session 002.18”, Holt’s new mix reflects her inspiration in the experimental realms of dark and industrial art. Emmar’s jewelry shows off that same aesthetic, though with a different end goal: beautifully-designed, androgynous non-binary jewelry. Thus, the two are somewhat of a perfect pairing.

“My idea for this collaboration was to partner with diverse disciplines of art and design to complement the mood of my music,” Holt says. “[We are] working on this exciting project to further prove our commitment to collaborate across disciplines in hopes of fostering stronger connections in our community.”

Clearly, Holt, Emmar, and Anton are hitting all the right notes (no pun intended). Listen to Holt’s new mix below, and keep scrolling for more from Holt and Emmar on their artistic collaboration.

Talk about the inspiration behind the collaboration. What inspired you to create this mix?

Amelia: The inspiration for the mix came from the fact that Brooklyn has such an immense history with warehouses and factories. The industrial part of Brooklyn is still very active. The sound of my mix is inspired by Veronica Vasicka and her label, Minimal Wave, which feature dark mechanical pattern and a do-it-yourself production. Also, in general, living in NY and observing people’s way of dealing with all the noise around them, it’s very robotic.

Tomer: The collaboration was rooted in Brooklyn’s industrial landscape and manufacturing sector. Since 3D printing is in the heart of Studio Forty Seven’s jewelry design process and Amelia’s mix has an industrial vibe to it, it resonated for us to work together. Aside from the jewelry, I styled the photoshoot and programmed the visual projections on the fly. We wanted to evoke a dark and mysterious aesthetic combining different layers of technology.

Since it’s Women’s History Month, can you tell us what your experience has been as a woman creative? What does womanhood mean to you in the 2018 landscape?

Amelia:  I came to the city without any connections so it’s been quite a challenge in the beginning. I knew I wanted to pursue something creative in fashion but it wasn’t until I got the job at Red Bull Studios that I discovered I wanted to DJ. I met great DJs and producers and decided that I wanted to embrace the obstacles that come with it.
In 2018, I want to see more unity and trust between women and I feel women are going to help each other out and build one another up. This is not a competition, this is a community.

Tomer:  I can’t speak for women but as part of the LGBT community I can say it’s extremely important to give a voice to minorities because we have so much to offer.  I’m excited to see more and more women collaborating with one another and, in general, doing their thing with conviction, confidence, and pride! It’s really an inspiring time!

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any exciting news you can share?

Amelia:  I’m slowly picking up the groove and booking for gigs in Brooklyn. I am looking forward to DJ at the A/S/L? art show by Fish presents at Living Gallery on March 25th.The art show is about our relationship with technology. Tomer and I are also working on a special project in the realm of music and product design.

Tomer: I am currently prototyping a one-of-a-kind custom-made flash drive combining jewelry and technology. Amelia and I are really excited about building a bridge across our disciplines of design and music. I am also working on an art project revolving around gun control; it’s simply a conversation that our country needs to have until we come to a conclusion that will keep everyone safe.

Creative Direction: Amelia Holt & Tomer Emmar

Photography: Bryan Anton

Music: Amelia Holt

Makeup: Tere Cortes Pinal

Styling & Digital Projection: Tomer Emmar

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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