Premiere: Ashe Gets Emotional on Debut EP, 'The Rabbit Hole'

In a world that can feel awfully full of hatred and sadness at times, we all need a strong dose of love in our lives. And thanks to rising alt-pop songstress Ashe, we’ve got a big helping of that love coming right up.

Today, we’re teaming up with the vibrant vocalist to premiere her debut project, The Rabbit Hole EP. A seven track record filled to the brim with her unique sound and style, the up-and-coming artist is laying down a strong foundation for what will undoubtedly be a repertoire of music that insightfully explores emotion and the ups-and-downs of the human experience.

For Ashe, the process of crafting the EP was one that stemmed from organic collaboration.

“I started where everyone does, blips of ideas for songs became a story to be told all together,” she says. “I worked with my friends on this album and we made something that we all truly love. This being my first body of work, it was really the first time I was able to put so many different sounds, ideas and facets of myself into one project. It’s ultimately one psychedelic collective sound that represents me, dipped in weirdness and soaked in love.”

A standout track from the record is certainly the final song, “Real Love”. With her willowy vocals on full display, Ashe reaches the understanding that we all need real love in our lives to truly be happy.

“‘Real Love’ is about all of us,” Ashe says. “I wrote it around the election and I just remember this massive sense of division happening around me. I just wanted to hug everyone I saw, tell them I love them, and that I see them. You don’t have to be anyone you’re not or don’t want to be to deserve love.”

In terms of overarching themes or messages in the debut EP, Ashe has chosen to keep it short and sweet. For Ashe, love and connection know no boundaries – and neither does her EP.

“I’d really like for people to hear my heart,” she says. “I hope they feel like they have one more person in this world who gets them. To remind them they’re not alone.”

Despite all the excitement and chaos that comes along with a debut project, Ashe is keeping her head down and staying focused in order to create more and express herself through her craft.

“I just started working on my first album,” she says. “I’m going through some really hard life stuff right now, which has given me a lot of ammunition. It’s gonna be a cry fest, but we can cry together.”

Be sure to check out Ashe’s debut EP below (we have it playing on repeat):

Images courtesy of Ashe

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