"She's" is a visual expression of the literal (and figurative) pain of breaking up.



Premiere: ATELLER is Exploring The Pain of Heartbreak With "She's"

ATELLER is addressing heartbreak with his latest video, and, perhaps because it’s such a universal (and oftentimes all-encompassing) experience, the artist has little to add outside of the “She’s” visuals—instead, he feels the vid speaks for itself. We don’t disagree.

“I feel like [the video] is very self explanatory,” he says. “You just have to hear the lyrics and you understand. There’s nothing beyond the music itself that I could say.”

Alternatively (and lucky for us), director Almog Sella obliged our curiosity and delved a little deeper on the gender neutral-centric ideas behind the “She’s” vid—so we’re not without extra details to share. A quick observation serves that “She’s” features two women, instead of a heteronormative male-female struggle, and Sella says this wasn’t done without intentionality; in actuality, quite the opposite.

“For the video, I liked the idea of expressing ‘break up’ with a female couple,” Sella says. “It enabled me to take gender out of the topic, without the prejudice about the male female parts in a relationship and without pointing on the different positions, just to show a two that became one and their different but similar ways of experiencing it.”

ATELLER’s “She’s” vid transcends one person’s version of heartbreak and expands beyond the pain to express—and encompass—the dual interior and exterior experience. Premiering today exclusively on MILK.XYZ, it’s one you can’t miss. Watch the brand-new vid below and then make sure to check ATELLER’s recently released EP, titled The Grasper.

Featured image courtesy of ATELLER

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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