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Premiere: Barcelona Photographer Paula Latimori's "Plastic Mood"

For Barcelona-based artist and photographer Paula Latimori, capturing still life through a lens as if painted by brush comes as second nature. The signature surreal essence of her imagery takes on a whole new meaning in her latest project, “Plastic Mood,” a collaboration between Latimori and stylist Silvia Sandino Nieto, set designer Marina Perez, and model Anna Orman, featuring Orman and extensions of her floral being wrapped in varying degrees of plastic and other materials. It’s every bit as asphyxiating as it sounds.

Take a peek at the images in the slideshow above, available exclusively on Milk.xyz (and don’t forget to breathe).

Additional credits: Felipe Mejia (photography assistance); Berta Teixidó (set design assistance); Roberto Blanco (makeup); Sellas Barnils (hair); Jota Scarcella (production); Sa Rederi and Noemi Filgueira (styling assistance)

Stay tuned to Milk for more breathtaking photo story drops from artists around the world.

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