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Premiere: "Be A Man" Film & Photo Series

Feminism is having a fucking moment right now (no complaints here) but that doesn’t mean that other issues of equality and justice are being pushed to the side; quite the opposite. Enter “Be A Man”: birthed out of the hopes of addressing (and combatting) traditional notions of gender, masculinity, and beauty, this short film and video series is Milk.xyz Editorial Intern Brandon Tan‘s contribution to the conversation: one of questioning, pushing the boundaries, and challenging the status quo of masculinity, one stereotype at a time.

“This topic is something I’ve always been passionate about, which I think developed from my interest in womenswear,” he says. “The rejection by social scripts to allow me to explore that realm of dress created an internal friction that made me want to explore and discuss the matter. I find that when it comes to conversations on gender in media, the male perspective is often overlooked and underrepresented, potentially due to the saturation of feminism in the media. I’m a huge supporter of women’s rights and gender equality, but want to make sure that we confront different issues on both ends.”

Watch the exclusive video below, starring William Schlegel in two parts: as his male-representing self and his female one, AKA his drag queen identity Wench. Want more? Check the stills from the project in the slideshow above.

Images courtesy of Brandon Tan; video directed by Brandon Tan; edited by Emily Wilson

Stay tuned to Milk for more gender-bending art we love. 

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