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Premiere: "Beautiful" by Toyko

The most obvious of observations about Toyko’s new “Beautiful” track is that it’s aptly named: enchanting, dreamy, and loungey AF, the brand-new single from this LA-based duo is about as romantic as they come. What’s not quite so romantic? Toyko’s Zac’s current gig, who works at a sewage plant during the day to keep his music dreams alive. It’s this dedication to his craft (truly, he’s doing whatever it takes) and ability to still see beauty in the mundane that makes this duo one to watch.

“Working everyday on a sewage treatment plant isn’t the most romantic job in the world but I consider myself very fortunate to be able to live in Los Angeles and pursue music in my spare time,” he says. “Two of our really good buddies came over one night and played us this starter beat they had been working on. Within hearing the first few seconds of the track we were instantly hooked. A beautiful guitar riff laid the foundation for a fun-understated dance groove that Matt and I were enchanted by. Every song has a unique mood/tone to it, and the first thoughts that came to mind when hearing this track was, ‘Wow this song is absolutely beautiful.'”

“After laying down some vocals, ‘Beautiful’ bloomed into the record it is now. We have a tendency to write tracks that explore themes of conflict. ‘Beautiful’ stayed true to that writing style and presents moments of conflict throughout the verses which are rounded out by optimistic, weightless hooks. Big shout outs to ‘BoyLord’ (who recently Produced Tinashe’s ‘Nightride’) and ‘Adjective / Animal’ for their inspiring production, this record would never have come to be if it weren’t for you guys. To our listeners, we hope this song will help you set aside whatever hardships and bullshit you may be dealing with in your day-to-day lives and focus more on the innate beauty that this world has to offer.”

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