Premiere: Behind The Scenes At Scott Campbell's 'Whole Glory'

Scott Campbell’s November exhibition at the Milk Gallery, Whole Glory, was a resounding success. The installation, centered on blind tattooing, was a huge sensation, and lines for the tattoos stretched around the block. It was a crazy concept, one that was simultaneously intriguing and a little frightening.

Whole Glory consisted of a large painting on a picket fence, nodding to Campbell’s childhood spent drawing on desks at school. There was a large hole in said painting, and visitors would stick their arms through to be tattooed. Campbell would sit behind the painting, and without speaking to his subjects, he simply tattooed whatever he felt was best. He turned people into living art.

Campbell’s tattoos were beautiful, and as he told us earlier, “I feel like I have an obligation to focus on what is magic about tattooing.” The lucky recipients, chosen via lottery, were all overjoyed with their tattoos. Each design was intricate and wholly unique. Campbell might bot have been able to hear what people wanted, but he may have been able to feel it.

Check out the video above, directed by Tobias Nathan with Matte Films, with production by Legs Media. It takes an inside look at Campbell’s wild week at Milk, featuring interviews and comments from his willing victims. It was a hell of a ride.

Check out the rest of our ‘Whole Glory’ coverage here.

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