Listen to this smooth new hip hop track from Egyptian-born NYU grad Daddy.



Premiere: "Calm Down" by Daddy

In Daddy’s new track (yes, that’s seriously his real name), the recent NYU grad is real from the start: “It’s too easy just to turn up / It ain’t easy to man up.” Clearly, “Calm Down” possesses an honesty that refreshes, and through the track we witness the artist give himself not only a pep talk but a wake up call. It seems that this new chapter is bound to be one that’s fruitful (if he can take his own advice, that is).

“‘Calm Down’ is about my ego and my struggle to mature after graduating from college,” he says. “I developed an ego to hide my fears and depression towards my unclear future. It’s also about valuing the people around you who are there for you during your struggle (for me that’s my brother, Benji Ramazani, and girlfriend, Akili King).”

“Calm Down” relays a message that we could all benefit from: value those around you and keep the gratitude flowing. We can’t disagree. Listen to the smooth new hip hop track below, exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Featured image courtesy of Daddy

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