Bask in the transcendent exploration of an otherworldly artist.



Premiere: Cehryl Shuts it Down with "Wherever It May Be"

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, and Chet Baker, Cehryl’s new EP Wherever It May Be is a moody culmination of the singer’s smooth and striking vocals and indie electro beats. A Hong Kong native, Cehryl draws on her experiences from globetrotting across the world, from London to Boston and back to LA, to create an EP that has a sound all its own. Singles “Side Effects” and “Napalm” cover all the bases for this sultry songstress, from the probability of an ever-lasting partnership to feeling like an outsider.

“The EP is a collection of four songs that mark the parallel transitions of my physical and emotional location. The four songs each take a different scene: ‘Side Effects’ is a sweet salute to companionship, ‘Judgment Day’ is a montage of bleak nostalgia, ‘Where We Marked Forever’ is an adamant un-apology, ‘Napalm’ is a skeptical acknowledgment of un-belonging. Wherever It May Be is both a recollection and an ode to relocation”, Cehryl told MILK.XYZ.

She may not be from here, but Cehryl is certainly shutting it down. Give her new EP a listen and bask in the transcendent exploration of an otherworldly artist.

Featured image courtesy of Cehryl

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