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Premiere: "Chasing Your Love" by Lily McQueen

If you haven’t already hopped on the ’80’s nostalgia bandwagon (think the pop-rock mastery of groups like Haim and the electronic-infused jams of Joan), Lily McQueen will get you there. She lived up to her potential with 2015’s self-titled debut EP, and now she’s back, with a lovesick new single titled “Chasing Your Love” that’s certain to pull at your heartstrings.

McQueen’s new track may cruise over the airwaves this summer with its nostalgic, throwback melodies, but don’t be fooled: beneath the light bicoastal effervescence are some seriously stunner lyrics sure to sweep you off your feet.

“I wrote ‘Chasing Your Love’ messing around on my computer. I came across this synth that sounded like pink electronic bubbles, added a drum loop and started to sing. I like to let the story of the song find itself through the music. With this song I completely understood my role in my pain, but the instrumental helped me to find some levity in my sadness. I was able to stop taking it all so seriously and laugh with myself for a minute. It’s a delusional celebration of unrequited love.”

Listen to “Chasing Your Love” below, exclusively on, and stay tuned for the full upcoming Electric Love album, coming June 23 on Concierge Records.

Featured image courtesy of Owen Campbell

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