"This song is all about self-preservation against energy vampires."



Premiere: Check Out "Check It" By Munnycat

Munnycat’s new track, “Check It”, is serving up a message that you can get behind: don’t waste your time on people who “can’t handle their shit.” We’re here for it, and the duo, comprised of K808 and Khaledzou, is pushing good vibes sonically-speaking too (“Check It” is a lush, neon-colored percussive track that gives us all the feels). With total creative control over their lyrics, production, and editing, “Check It” (along with everything else the duo puts out), is 100 percent them and 100 percent real.

“Giving your attention and affection to some people is like a drug—but some of them can’t handle their shit. This song is all about self-preservation against energy vampires but also—it’s a reminder that if you’re bringing good energy you’ll always get more of it back.”

Listen to the IDGAF-approved “Check It” below, premiering exclusively on Milk.

Featured image courtesy of Michael Delaney

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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