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Premiere: Watch These Terrifying Halloween Art Films

Halloween is sheer delight. If you are a child, you eat candy, and if you are an adult, you eat candy and consume enormous amounts of alcohol. It is a time to put together poorly homemade costumes, a time to throw up from overly sweet liquors, a time to convince people that you are more attractive than usual by wearing barely any clothing, a time to light candles and summon the hell-bound dead. But most of all, Halloween is a time for the creative to truly shine.

The art world has a knack for really getting into the All Hallows Eve spirit. Tonight, the HR Department, a pair of baby curators, is putting on a show, called A Ghost Walks Through A Bar. They asked several artists to create one minute-long short horror films, some of which we’re premiering here, and the show takes place at a kids’ birthday party venue in Ridgewood, so they’re really working all possible Halloween angles. The films are creepy and scary and arty and great, kind of like a Tyler Perry movie.

The HR Department, made up of Harris Bauer and Rachel Zaretsky, has been putting on shows for the past two years. “We’re aiming to be at once collaborative and supportive of other artists and peers,” they said. “So as far as HR goes, it has to do with our complete attention to the actual artists’ production of work, as well as–obviously–our names.”

Bauer and Zaretsky, who are dressing as Sonny and Cher for Halloween, describe themselves as “artists who have always been interested in working with other artists, somewhere between collaboration and curatorial.” There are sixteen artists featured in the show, including Zaretsky and MADE collaborator Yulia Zinshtein, with an illustrated poster by Milk favorite Sara Rabin.

The films here, by Kieran Magzul, Tenten Yitian Yan, and Brogan Drissell—who’s hair-raising movie features a video of him having a night terror as a child—are chilling and aesthetically pleasing, like all the best horror stuff. Check them out, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A Ghost Walks Through A Bar takes place tonight from 7-10 at Smiles N’ Styles. If you’re interested in taking part in an event, email [email protected].

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