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Premiere: Christian Araya Is Paying Homage to His Gen's Fluidity

Christian Araya’s latest project rests on two observations of his rising generation: that they’re culturally and socially celebratory, fluid, and accepting, and that technology-wise, a similar emergence and advancement is happening as well. From this foundation, he branches out into an entire set of beautifully shot and designed images, paired with coding and design to represent that technological advancement.

“This project is meant to visualize a generational narrative, encompassing the particularities of, us,” Araya says. “Fluidity has become common knowledge to this new generation, abundant with youths and creatives. I wanted to create a powerful visual that could represent this cultural shift that is occurring; a tide of love and acceptance. Submerged in technology, fashion, and creation; this is us.”

Araya is currently a student at FIT studying graphic design, so he has a front row seat into what’s bubbling up amongst NYC’s next gen creatives. Check the slideshow above for a full look at his latest project.

Images, styling, design, and jewelry design by Christian Araya 

Models: Kinjhiyana Vincent (female model in black), Ava Ferguson (female model in red), FIN FIN (male model in black)

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the next generation.

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