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Premiere: Cray's "Lotus" is The Ultimate Leap of Creativity

Let’s get straight to the heart of it: Cray’s fantastical, ethereal vision for her brand new vid is the perfect pairing for her vibey, smooth electronic track “Lotus”. You heard it here first. Her vision, though, wasn’t a singular one; in fact, it’s the product of a collaborative effort, and the combined genius of DJ-producer Cray (i.e. Cheney Ray), director Ariel Fisher, producer Victoria Fayad, stylist Alyssa Sutter, and choreographer Erin S. Murray is truly what brought this one to life.

““It was lovely to work with a supportive artist like Cheney who welcomed creativity,” Fisher says. “In ‘Lotus’, Cheney and I wanted to explore themes of emotional purgatory, politeness and restriction in settings inspired by Italian renaissance art. We were lucky to have such a talented group of artists collaborating on this project.”

“Lotus” enables you, as the viewer, to embrace and expand upon your own interpretation based on the song and its visual pairing. If anything, it’s the ultimate leap of creativity: forming a fantasy and then handing it over to interpret as you will. Check the video below, premiering today exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Images courtesy of Victoria Fayad

Stay tuned to Milk for more fantastical vids.

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