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Premiere: Create Your Own World With Geneva White's "Dreamcatcher"

Geneva White’s new “Dreamcatcher” track was, quite literally, inspired by a dreamcatcher, but the meaning goes far deeper than simple observation. Listen the new single once and you’ll be transported to a universe far beyond this one, one where you can create and control as you wish, inside of your dreams.

“We were just hanging out and recording a few vocal samples first to create a general vibe,” White says. “I’d been having vivid dreams that week, and I spotted a dreamcatcher hanging from one of the lofted beds in the apartment and so I wrote about what it would be like to ask the dreamcatcher to sift through my thoughts. Ultimately, the song is about being able to create your own world for a short period. Being able to control your own theatre through your dreams.”

Though the lyrics are somewhat dreamy (duh) and smooth, the beat serves up a perfect contrast: it’s snappy, speedy, and vibey by comparison. Alex & Alex, White’s producers on the track, can speak to its technical magic:

“We started off with a vocal bit that had a peaceful dreamy texture to it and kept building on that vibe. It all builds into a chorus that goes all out and feels like the increasingly loud thoughts you have while drifting off in a quiet room.”

Ready to hear for yourself? Listen to the brand new “Dreamcatcher” track below, exclusively on MILK.XYZ, then stay tuned for the rest of her debut EP Surface, out October 13.

Featured image courtesy of Geneva White

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