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Premiere: Watch Dusty's "Hit The Block" Video

Dusty is an artist who knows a thing or two about risk (so do we), and the “Hit The Block” vid is the perfect case in point: simply put, it’s his first, and he dies. This is not metaphorical speak for a lit AF visual component; literally, it ends with death (and not in a mysterious Tupac way…to the contrary, it’s an in-your-face exit). Here’s the thing about Dusty, though; he’s not the least bit intimidated by said risk, and he’ll do it again, and again, and again—if his art calls for it, of course. In his own words, why the fuck not?

“Over summer last year I had wrote the song,” he says. “A day after getting head in the uber lol. I woke up at my friend house hung over AF where I was crashing at the time. The words, ‘gettin’ head in the uber, that’s how I do ya,’ kept repeating in my head so I knew it was time to record this track. I text my friend from the couch and said, ‘Do you have time for me to record?’ He said yeah. I had the lyrics, but I just made the chorus on spot. Later on my friend Taavi which is now my producer said he had this idea he wanted to show me. He added this mix to the end and I for sure was fucking with it cause it reminded me of Baltimore club music. I just knew once that part was added I was going to die in my video at the end. I wanted to tell a story without using my voice. My manager was going against me dying in it, he claimed it was too dark for my first video, but my friend Slick said, ‘I think it would be wayyyy harder if you did die.’ So I went with my gut feeling. I was thinking I’m already taking risks why tf not.”

Check the brand new “Hit The Block” video above, shot on Kodak film, directed by James Ronkko, and produced by Alice Agrusa and Nutsa Ugulava, exclusively on

Featured image courtesy of Dusty

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