Watch the video for this Finnish duo's new protest anthem.



Premiere: Femme En Fourrure's Call to Arms Vid: "So Good At This"

If Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin were hoping to make an activist statement with their latest single, it worked—the Finnish duo (aptly named Femme En Fourrure) hit the nail on the head with “So Good At This”, spotlighting self-empowerment and what happens when you come face to face with discrimination.

It follows, then, that the video for “So Good At This” is equally moving. Featuring Russian-born, Helsinki-based vivienxo, the track is a literal and metaphorical call to arms, garnering the troops for the fight for equal rights for all.

“During the songwriting process we had a fragmented vision about the visual side being distantly athletic,” they said. “Ice hockey, at least in Finland, is traditionally considered very masculine and in our minds it made sense with the ‘getting free from the hands of domination’ theme of the song. So to us the video is about femininity invading masculine territory. The theme is simple, but at times it’s better to be straightforward, to get an important message across.”

If it wasn’t obvious, we’re unquestionably behind their message, and digging this duo’s sound, too. Ready to see for yourself? Peep the video above.

Featured image courtesy of Diana Luganski

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks. 

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