After losing over five years' worth of music, Beshken is back, with a brand new EP.



Premiere: 'For Time is the Longest Distance Between Two People' by Beshken

Ben Shirken describes the first version of For Time is the Longest Distance Between Two People as “unwillingly surrendered,” and that just might be the understatement that defines this whole project (in actuality, it was stolen by two thieves in Rome, along with over five years worth of original music). Unsurprisingly, the experience left Shirken (otherwise known as Beshken) shook, and in a place of emotional darkness and pain (which also happens to have been, apparently, a place of massive creative growth). Thus, his brand new EP was born.

“I was in a pretty dark place before recording this EP, and the songs are definitely love songs but they come from weakness,” he says. “After losing over five years worth of music and being in a long distance relationship, writing helped me climb out of constant thought loops.”

If it wasn’t obvious, For Time is the Longest Distance Between Two People was nothing if not cathartic for this artist, who draws from both his training as a jazz guitarist and his spot as a DJ in a variety of spaces throughout LA. Using recorded field sounds from all around the world (including Florence, Tel Aviv, Big Sur, and New York), Beshken is able to manipulate his global experiences into sonically-masterful, rhythmic tracks.

For Time is the Longest Distance Between Two People drops everywhere tomorrow; get your first listen today, exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Featured image courtesy of Nina Gofur

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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