“'Girls Just Wanna' is a gentle ode to the young women who shape New York with their own unapologetic vibrancies."



Premiere: "Girls Just Wanna" Celebrates Female Energy

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was released by Cyndi Lauper as an instant hit single in 1983. A lot has changed since then: pop music has a new M.O. entirely, for starters, and we don’t exactly dress or talk or walk the same way that our parents did. But! Some tracks are timeless, and this one has earned its place in the time capsule of not-to-be-forgotten, great American soundtracks.

It should come as no surprise, then, that a remake of the song, paired with 16mm footage of New York women at their finest, was an instant hit in our books, too. Directed by Stephania Dulowski, “Girls Just Wanna” is an old classic reimagined with a modern edge.

“’Girls Just Wanna’ is a gentle ode to the young women who shape New York with their own unapologetic vibrancies,” Dulowski says. “It follows women from across the city through different neighborhoods, landscapes and seasons as they fly through streets, pass time on stoops and hangout in apartments. A haunting ballad of Cyndi Lauper’s famous pop song, ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’, covered by Hanna Ashbrook, sweeps through each vignette, embracing the women who make up the city from skateboarders to pole dancers to dominatrixes.”

At its heart, Dulowski’s video is unashamedly honest in its portrayal of New York womanhood. We’re here for it.

“‘Girls Just Wanna’ captures a day-to-day electricity that young women exude through the streets of NY. It was important to let these women embrace their own style, character, passions and uniqueness by showing the complexity of femininity—the warmth and darkness of it. This film is a unison of the empowerment and sensuality of female energy.”

Watch the full video above, premiering today exclusively on Milk.


Director and Editor: Stephania Dulowski (FANIA)
DoP: Lorenzo Pace
Original Cover: Hanna Ashbrook
Producers: Sarah Donnenberg, Leah Donnenberg, Kirstin VanSkiver 
Production Company: SLMBR PRTY Films
1st Assist Camera: Alexandra Bock
Agustina Biasutto
Alex Prokos
Stylist: Emily Elizabeth Thomas
Color: Kath Raisch

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