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Premiere: "Heartbreak Story" Explains The Romantic Demise of Girlyboi

Brace yourself: Joseph Matick and Carly Russ of Girlyboi have some not-so-great news in the romantic department—it’s over. Quite the opposite fate for the band, though—Girlyboi is staying together, and riding the wave of what’s set to be a breakout breakup song, premiering today exclusively on Milk.xyz, titled “Heartbreak Story”.

Girlyboi started out with the commitment to always be as honest as possible—whether that was expressing codependency on “Whole”, addiction of “Bedside”, or anti-objectification on “Good Looks”. Now, they’re staying true to that promise with “Heartbreak Story”, filling in the details of a love story gone south.

“The objective reality of romance is that it is only beautiful because there is a certain sense of surrender involved,” Girlyboi says. “An understanding that you have little control and you have to let things take root and blossom in their own mystical, natural order. ‘Heartbreak Story’ was written in jest. A public outcry to end our romantic endeavor in hopes of a juicier, more interesting story.”

So, the romance has ended, but for now, the music lives on. Listen to “Heartbreak Story” below, and stay tuned for more from this heartfelt duo.

Girlyboi will be in Austin, Texas as an official showcase band for SXSW, then on to LA for a private event in LA on March 8. Keep up with all their travels on girlyboi.net.

Images courtesy of Ira Chernova

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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