On the heels of his debut EP, 'Palm Tree Liquor', KOTA the Friend is back, with a brand new single.



Premiere: KOTA the Friend's "Lawn Chair"

After a debut EP that was met with critical acclaim, KOTA the Friend has emerged from a year-long period of growth, heartbreak, and blessing. And let’s be real, we all know what that means for his music: we’re in for a treat.

“Lawn Chair” emerges from the depths as the debut single off KOTA’s upcoming sophomore EP (as of now still untitled), and it’s written from a place of feeling stranded, and alone (quite literally—KOTA was left behind in the California desert by so-called friends, and decided to write a track about it. Bless him.).

“This song is like watching life from a lawn chair,” he says. “When I was stranded in the dessert, it was an out of body experience.  It felt like I was watching my life and I felt like this was the perfect track to set the tone for my new project.  It feels like the first chapter to the beginning of a story I’m excited to read to all my fans.”

From the absurd loneliness of the desert to the even more absurd claustrophobia of new york city, KOTA has a carved out a space for himself (and, obviously, his music) that’s proving to be the birthplace of some of rap’s best in years. If it wasn’t obvious, we’re all ears. Check the track for yourself below, and keep an eye for more where this came from—he’s just getting started.

Featured image courtesy of KOTA the Friend

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