Peep the visual accompaniment to KROY's hit single, "Learn", exclusively on Milk.



Premiere: KROY's Ethereal AF "Learn" Vid

KROY’s claim is that her music was born out of melancholy, and it shows: delectably dark, luxurious, and sometimes just plain sad, “Learn” is a somber version of the electro pop sound we’re used to hearing from Camille Poliquin as one half of Canadian (hi Drake & co.) duo Milk & Bone. It follows, then, that the “Learn” vid is appropriately solemn; shot in all black and white, and just as minimalist as its accompanying sound, it’ll leave you feeling the weight of her fragile love and bitter nostalgia (that’s not to say it’s wholly depressing—the “Learn” video certainly has its high points, too).

“‘Learn’ is one of my favorite songs on Scavenger,” she says. “It has a very personal and emotional power to it and I’m so happy we get to see that in the video as well. I’m super psyched we got to work with beautiful actresses such as our beautiful leading lady Karine Vanasse. She’s so genuine and powerful and I love that.”

“Learn” is just one of six songs from KROY’s breakout Scavenger EP, and we certainly recommend peeping the whole track list for the full effect (and while you’re at it, meet our other new fave Canadian artist, too). In the mean time, watch the brand new video above, exclusively on Milk.

Featured image courtesy of John Londono

Stay tuned to Milk for more exclusive AF premieres. 

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