Premiere: "LazyEaterBets OnHerLikeness" by Liv.e

After supporting Earl Sweatshirt on his US 2019 tour and being featured on “MTOMB” from his most recent EP, Feet of Clay, Liv.e proves she’s about to go twice as hard in 2020. Today, we exclusively drop her latest video for “LazyEaterBetsOnHerLikeness,” directed by collaborator Pink Siifu. This is the latest single of her album Couldn’t Wait To Tell You, due this April.

Pronounced “Liv,” the songstress is Dallas-bred, LA-based. Her sound transcends R&B, southern rap, and soul. With support from Erykah Badu to Steve Lacy, Nai Palm to BbyMutha, we expect Liv.e to break into the mainstream this year. 

Milk spoke with Liv.e about the inspiration for this new visual that was captured on “a dreamy sunny day.”

With the release of “LAZYEATER”’s video — you’ve now got two visual narratives for your upcoming record. Overall, is there an overarching story you’re trying to tell? 

There’s not a specific narrative to these videos, but they are like the thoughts of each individual narrator on each song. 

This narrator’s thoughts are inspired by when life calls for contemplative decision making and daydreaming/wishing/manifesting.

I love the graphics and type — who/what inspired you there?

The graphics came from my friend Mejiwahn from FlatSpot_. He’s helped me throughout the whole album from production to visuals.

Livingston Matthews, FlatSpot_., Mejiwahn — how did you meet these creatives and what was it like working together to create this piece?

Me and Liv, aka Pink Siifu, been homies, and me and Mejiwahn met in New York through a mutual friend a few years back. 

Liv shot the video for me; it was a really cute fun day and I love it even more cause I’m dropping it now and I’ve grown so much since then. But yeah, we finished the video and lobbed it to Meji and he did his thing on it! He’s really good at adding his balance to it.

How do you think this video personifies certain elements of the lyrics in this song? 

The video personifies more of the thought process of the lyrics; like these are common things you do when you’re overcome with universal questions and thoughts about what you want to attract in life: taking a stroll, smoking a joint, looking at your reflection in the mirror, etc.

What lyric resonates with you the most from this track?

“I can’t play myself because I’m not over you, Imma choose myself I hope that you choose me too.”

With choosing yourself and not compromising in situations there’s always the complications of going back and forth with what we think we want and need — but no matter the direction of the choice, we still hope the outcome is what we want.

Tell us about the quote at the end of the video. What significance does it hold for you? 

The quote at the end of the video is a foreword about manifesting something I wanted to have part in loving. I’m proud to say I really ended up getting what I wanted, and it’s blossoming so beautifully. 

What’s your favorite music video of all time?

I don’t have a favorite vide, but I love classic Hype Williams.

Stay tuned to Milk for more exclusive video premieres. 

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