The Indestructible Brad Elterman!--Episode I



Premiere: Rock Photography Icon Brad Elterman Looks Back, Pt. 1

We look back on the 1970’s as a mystical time for American music, a time when today’s pop culture icons were partying in their prime. Legendary photographer Brad Elterman lived it all firsthand, spending his days capturing some of the era’s most familiar faces and gifted talents. It’s all very Almost Famous.

In the first part of our exclusive video series, get to know about Elterman as he first picked up the camera, found his ultimate muse in Joan Jett, and was on hand to document the meeting of Bob Dylan and Robert De Niro.

Directed by Alex de Bonrepos.

Stay tuned to Milk for the next part of the Indestructible Brad Elterman!

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