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Premiere: "Lined in Gleam" by Duy Vo and Thao Bui

Hailing from Saigon, Vietnam, photographers Duy Vo and Thao Bui are making waves in the city they now call home, New York, with their latest photo series “Lined in Gleam.” The artists set out to transcend artificial appeal and elevate the mundane, making the claim that beauty goes beyond aesthetics. Their work incorporates both physical and emotional elements of each subject in order to establish deeper connections between the viewer and the work.

Check out the photos in the slideshow above and peep the artists’ statement below:

“This photos series lends itself to the duo’s ongoing effort to give more representation to models of color. The images from “Lined in gleam” look to embrace blackness and visually celebrate its brilliance. Hadia and Brandon, at their barest, glow and glisten in the gleam of color lights. Their complexion and skin color, which constantly subjected to oppression and prejudice, now serve as a canvas upon which delicate line art is given life. Varied aspects of these two young African American’s facial features such as hair coarseness, nose broadness and lip thickness are highlighted and celebrated in a different light.”

Images courtesy of Duy Vo and Thao Bui; makeup by Shay Garcia for Smashbox Cosmetics; models: Brandon Davis and Hadiatou Bah; jewelry by Aziza Handcrafted

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