"borrowed time" is the follow up to his three-part release earlier this year.



Premiere: Listen to "borrowed time" From Michl

Michl is not one to seek out the spotlight, but his music is inadvertently pulling him that way, regardless. “borrowed time” is the follow up to his three-part release earlier this year, and it’s just as brilliant as the triage that came before it: “Tell Her”, “I’d Do It Again”, and “Better With You”, the last of which was produced by Milk fave Mura Masa. (not to mention his short art film, datum, released in April). With “borrowed time”, Michl has his eyes set on the concept of time—that much is clear—but more than that, he’s diving deep on fate, the future, and what or who determines life’s direction (the answer to that one is still unclear).

“It’s weird for me to think about the future,” Michl says. “Sometimes I feel like everything’s predetermined. And other days I feel like I just fucked everything up and my life is ruined…my belief changes daily…maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Listen to “borrowed time” below, and catch Michl live on tour (he’ll be on the west coast October 12 and 13 at The Roxy in LA and The Independent in SF, respectively, then back in NYC on October 19 at Bowery Ballroom).

Featured image courtesy of Nolan Feldpausch

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens. 

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