"Few Things" is the ballad of the summer.



Premiere: Listen to Charlotte Lawrence & JP Saxe On His New Single, "The Few Things"

It’s not hard to fall in love with the magical voice of Charlotte Lawrence, and paired with JP Saxe in his new track “The Few Things”, their collaboration is a certifiable match made in heaven. Glittery but sultry, “Few Things” is a melodic duet between the two musicians, and it feels like an intimate conversation between two lovers in the middle of baring their souls to each other.

“I recently took an online personality test that told me I was an extrovert, and that’s crazy to me, but I guess growth is real and maybe I’m not the same vulnerability fearing dude I was when I wrote this song,” Saxe says. “This song exists ‘cause love can be very real and very complicated at the same time, and this collaboration exists because Charlotte’s my favorite and making this record together was as uncomplicated as anything ever.”

It’s a song of experiencing insecurities and anxieties, and of the uncertainty of how much you mean to a person you love: “So if you need me to tell you, you’re one of the few things that I’m sure of,” sings Charlotte. Intensely vulnerable and sweetly intimate, “Few Things” is the ballad of the summer. Listen to the track below, premiering today exclusively on Milk.

Featured image courtesy of Matthew Takes

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