A song for anyone who's been the recipient of mixed signals (i.e. everyone).



Premiere: Listen to "False Hope" From Christa Williamson

Listen up: we’ve got a song for anyone who’s been the recipient of mixed signals (i.e. everyone). “False Hope” is dropping this morning courtesy of Christa Williamson, and if you’ve ever been down that road of uncertainty in a relationship, tune in. Williamson wrote the track last spring and produced it herself, then brought it to another producer almost a year later where it was revamped and ready to go. If you’re keen for electro/synth pop, “False Hope” hits all the right notes, while still holding on to the R&B qualities that make Williamson such a standout.

“It’s titled ‘False Hope’ because I was inspired by a situation where this guy kept giving me mixed signals and giving me hope that there was something there—then taking it away,” she says. “And I’m just frustrated with trying to figure out what to do because I know we’d be great together. So it’s definitely a very honest song.”

What’s more, “False Hope” is off of a larger project that Williamson plans to release later this year. So if you’re into the track, stay tuned—there’s more where this came from. Listen up below.

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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