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Premiere: Listen to "Hifi" by Washa

Today we’re teaming up with Brooklyn-based, electro-pop artist, Washa, to premiere his latest single, “Hifi”. The dance-y track, which is stacked with dynamic synths and a heavy baseline, has transported us back to ’80s like auditory time travel. Featuring his feathery soft vocals over a pulsating instrumental, Washa’s newest track lies at the ultimate intersection between jazzercise and ~the club~.

“‘Hifi’ is my take on the ideal pop track, I wanted to push myself to produce the best sounding single I could for this new album,” Washa says. “I used vintage drum machines and analog synths to make it and specifically worked on this album from Nov 2016-Jan 2018. I spent pretty much everyday in that time period writing, recording, tweaking different parts of the songs. I recorded and produced it in my apartment and mixed it myself as well mostly in my apartment but then took it into a studio in Greenpoint to officially mix it.”

Be sure to check out the electro-pop track below, and revel in the throwback that is Washa’s “Hifi”.

Featured image courtesy of Washa

Stay tuned for more premieres in collaboration with artists we love. 

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