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Premiere: Listen to "Lost Cause" & "Believe Me" From Jae Luna

What do you do when you hit a creative block? For Jae Luna, it took him months to uncover the answer, but the result was worth it: “Lost Cause”. Premiering today, the brand-new track is a sort-of self-expose of all the shit Luna has been through, compiled into a sonically smooth and lyrically honest AF 3 minutes and 51 seconds. It also comes with a secondary track (“Believe Me”), so we get a two-for-one here (what could be better?). Luna doesn’t have the solution to every problem presented, but that’s not necessarily the point; rather, “Lost Cause” is Luna embracing the oftentimes confusing complexities that we all encounter throughout our lives.

“‘Lost Cause’ was the answer to a dry spell I had for several months,” Luna says. “I wasn’t able to finish any songs for over half a year. In some compelling, organic and ironic way, I took all those frustrations out in writing another song, in which in many ways I left unfinished such as the empty last chorus. I realized that I was fighting my creative output—if there’s nothing more I can do why fight it?”

Pulled together over the course of a few nights, and honoring the earnest intention that Luna so boldly owns, “Lost Cause” is—here’s hoping—only a taste of what’s to come from the artist in 2019. Listen to both tracks below, premiering today exclusively on Milk.

Images courtesy of Jae Luna

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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