"Majesty" is the artist's dark fantasy of what it would look like to be fully self sufficient.



Premiere: Listen to "Majesty" by TRACES

TRACES doesn’t play by the rules of genre and stick to just one—instead, he’s all over the spectrum, dabbling simultaneously in electro-pop, R&B, and rock (for starters). And his new track “Majesty”? Just another example of this expert manipulation of categorization; instead of allowing the lines to limit him, he goes way beyond the boundaries, and the result is the kind of sonic masterpiece we see once in a blue moon.

TRACES can speak to the narrative behind the track far better than anyone else, for obvious reasons—

“I always romanticized the idea of being fully secure in my identity and being able to do everything entirely on my own,” he says. “I just saw all these people and artists I respected always being so sure of themselves like they didn’t need anyone or anyone’s approval in their life except for their own. So when things emotionally and mentally for me started to go downhill I felt like I needed to fix myself and be the perfect person on my own, pushing everyone out but wanting desperately for people in my life. When writing this I thought of what it would look like if I continued to condition everyone around me to feel pushed out, and that they shouldn’t get close. I’m looking forward to sharing more of these songs, and the story I wanted to tell, over the next couple months.”

“Majesty” is fresh off the press this morning; peep it below. And stay tuned for more from TRACES—the first of multiple upcoming EP releases is dropping in the fall.

Featured image via TRACES

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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