Listen to the new single from Stellina's upcoming debut EP 'Star Seventeen'.



Premiere: Listen to Stellina's "Creepy Reggae" Single "EXTRA SUNNY"

Get ready for your glow up—Stellina is here with a new reason to smile, and it’s two words (in all caps, of course): “EXTRA SUNNY”. Playing with “stereotypes about casual sex,” the singer narrates the tale of a girl-guy friends with benefits situation that ends with the girl coming up trumps—and we love it. Ethereal in an almost trippy way, “EXTRA SUNNY” is lyrically fun AF and reminiscent of reggae—with a genre-bending twist.

“This song haunts me. The melody is so weird and creepy, it’s like a creepy reggae song, but I love it. So what does being ‘extra sunny’ mean? It means you’re glowed up and you’re doing just fine, smiling from ear to ear. The song is about fuck buddies but contrary to what most people think, girls don’t always gotta catch feelings. It plays with stereotypes about casual sex. The girl in the song reasserts control over the situation by being the one who tells the guy to make her eggs extra runny the morning after, or lets him spend her money. She is the one who’s calling the shots. She’s extra sunny and he loves it.”

“EXTRA SUNNY” comes off of Stellina’s upcoming debut record, titled Star Seventeen and set to drop so, so soon. While you wait, listen to the new track below—and if the EP is anything like “EXTRA SUNNY”, we’re in for a hazy, haunting, electro-pop-infused treat. Lucky us.

Featured image courtesy of Mauricio Calero

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