Listen to the brand new single from Bryce Fox's upcoming EP, 'Heaven on Hold.'



Premiere: Bryce Fox Wrote "Lucy" After Being Inspired by Chicken Soup

Bryce Fox is already playing favorites with his upcoming EP, Heaven on Hold, and lucky for us, we got first dibs on his first choice: “Lucy”. The brand-new track, premiering today exclusively on MILK.XYZ, has Fox pining over a girl named Lucy, and by no coincidence: the alt rock artist was literally ordering soup from a restaurant named Lusy’s in southern California when he created the track. It’s a funny, fairly direct way to get from inspiration to fruition, and we’re all for it.

“Ryan (Marrone) pulled up a short instrumental loop vibe he had worked on previous to our session,” Fox says. “I was having writer’s block so we decided to order some chicken leek soup, because who wouldn’t want chicken leek soup. The soup was from a Mediterranean restaurant called Lusy’s in Van Nuys, CA which unknowingly slipped in to my subconscious. The entire song took shape rather quickly after that. We wrote this song based on the shy girl next door type, and bringing out her inner animal that she doesn’t quite want to acknowledge, or at least yet… We basically finished writing the song before realizing that we ordered soup from a restaurant named Lusy’s. We had a good laugh. This song is one of, if not my absolute favorite from my upcoming EP.”

Heaven on Hold is set to drop on October 20; until then, tune into “Lucy” (and order some chicken leek soup while you’re at it, because why not).

Featured image courtesy of Bryce Fox

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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