Premiere: Lukas Ionesco and Clara Benador Drop "Idiot Fish"

Lukas Ionesco and Clara Benador are the latest it couple in Paris (and it makes sense why). This month they released their debut album Magic Stone, and today we’re exclusively dropping their newest visual for “Idiot Fish”.  We spoke to Ionesco (our XYZ alum) about the process of shooting and how his sound has evolved since love entered the picture.

Your new record, Magic Stone came out this month — how would you say your sound has evolved since collaborating with Clara?

At first, I composed 23 songs alone just after my first EP. By that time, I was very confused with labels so I decided to release a giant album by myself, all made and produced by myself. At some point I got stuck. Alone with my 23 songs…

That was exactly the time when I met Clara.

She listened to everything and directly understood what I wanted to say… so we started to work together on those songs. She gave me the courage to work on it and release the way I wanted. It means that I auto-produced Magic Stone with her and the help of my managers at Cheers MGMT and Echo Orange because, for me, it was the only way it should go. 

With Clara we choose together the 12 songs of the album, we recorded it as I wanted: in the countryside. The most important thing for me was to have the exact mood that I had when I composed them, raw. That’s why I decided to call this story “Magic Stone”. 

Now, for months, we have been working together on the second album. Clara and I compose together. I think we have eight good songs, different than Magic Stone, more produced, with Mellotron synth, vocals chorus, Rhythmbox, chorus bass, etc… And a lot of lovely singing together but style Folk, folk, folk!

Clara gave me some power to push me into what I really love, music and being myself.

That’s why my dream now its to work with her on many projects, but also making clips and photos.

Due to the current pandemic, I can imagine that a lot has changed in terms of how you’d normally promote a new record. How have you been able to share your music and message? 

We released the album on March 20th, exactly the time when quarantine began. 

Before all that, we decided and worked a lot on this release with a Magic Party, concerts, DJ sets, vinyl signings, and a lot of good surprises. 

At first, we were very sad because we thought that everything we worked on just disappeared. But thank god the concerts and The Magic Party have just been put forward, when everything will be fine again, we will make it!

Due to all this, so many people ordered the vinyl on the internet! Merci.

Plus I am very happy because we are giving to people that are stuck at home so many good things: clips to watch, an album to listen to! Even a new Instagram filter, and many other surprises…

It’s also the first time of our life we have so many requests from brands (Jack, Vanity Fair, The Kooples, Les Inrocks, Purple and more.) They ask us to do live concerts.

How are you using this time to stay creative?

We have so much time to work on our projects. For example the demos of the next album.

Finally, we found ourselves in a world that’s falling apart …

We don’t know where all this gonna go, but I’m sure we will always stay there for you.

You filmed your new music video in Switzerland. What made you decide to do it there?

Switzerland is magical and beautiful. From what I can remember, I always wanted to live some days of my life there in the mountains… 

I went to Japan for three months to find some creativity and power, and I wrote a song and made a clip there with Zack Spiger “Japanese Cowboy”. 

For me, Switzerland is really similar to Japan…

What is the story you are trying to tell with this video? How does it relate to the song?

The reality is that I wrote this song a few years ago, and the story is more about me when I was sixteen, an “Idiot Fish”. 

When I met Clara, everything changed. Now we’re playing music and singing that song together. We are preparing the second album and all this is so good and beautiful for me. 

I don’t know why, but I directly imagined this “Idiot Fish” in the Swiss mountains — maybe because Clara was born there, which is my favorite land.

We’re doing clips for all the songs, but most of them are very homemade and DIY. For “Idiot Fish” and “Sorry” we wanted to work with a bigger team. So I guess the only connection with the song and the clip are the beautiful fish that were everywhere around us.

What’s your favorite music video of all time?

So many… I love so many music video clips, maybe even more than movies.

I will say Jane’s Addiction – “Been Caught Stealing”! But hard not to say: The Pixies “Here Comes Your Man.”


VIDEO BY: Alexandre Schild + Laureat Bakolli

Stay tuned to Milk for more exclusive premieres. 

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