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Premiere: MOURN Went to Iceland & Made A "Fun At The Geysers" Vid

What started as two teenage best friends releasing their tracks on Youtube, MOURN, a Catalan punk band of four, Jazz Rodríguez Bueno, Carla Pérez Vas, Antonio Postius and Leia Rodríguez, is now releasing their third LP Sorpresa Familia, that will hit the stands June 15 via Captured Tracks. The album, which centers on themes of “mistreatment by toxic figures, letting go of the past, and being quite literally abandoned in a foreign city as touring teenagers,” includes their track “Fun At The Geysers”, which was inspired by their tumultuous first trip to Iceland and the legal problems they faced with their former Spanish label. Below, MOURN took us through the behind the scenes of the making of the “Fun At The Geysers” video and answered a few questions along the way.

Lucky for us, MOURN is just about to kick off their tour in Brooklyn at Baby’s All Right, after which they’ll make their way south to play Atlanta and New Orleans, then to the West Coast to hit LA and SF, then to the Midwest where they’ll stop in Minneapolis and Chicago, among others. Keep scrolling for an exclusive photo diary shot by the band, our interview, and, of course, the brand-new vid:

This video was inspired by a trip you’d taken two and a half years ago when you played in Icelandcan you tell us a bit more about that? 

We went to Reykjavík to play at the Iceland Airwaves festival in 2015. This was one of the last shows we played before stopping the tour due to legal problems with our Spanish record label at the time. We spent a year and a half without playing any shows after that.

That trip was the end of it all and the proof that everything was going the wrong way. We spent like 11 hours without eating, one of us having our period and feeling especially like shit. The people from the label that came with us were telling that through the years we’d learn how to endure being hungry. They didn’t really care about us at that point. We arrived to the city, ate something and went to sleep right away. The next day we woke up and found ourselves alone in Reykjavík without money or food. The people from the record label had taken a taxi to visit the geysers without telling us. We found out because one of them posted a photo on Instagram. They payed for their excursion with the money the festival was paying us, as usual, counting it as “expenses”.

So we wanted our little revenge, we wanted to go see the geysers ourselves and just point out that we never needed them anyway.

What was your favorite part of reliving your experience as a tourist in Iceland?

It was AMAZING. All the nature, the air we were breathing… Everything was so peaceful. Everything was right. Going there was like pauseing our daily lives for two days, and all our stress disappeared. The second day we were driving from Reykjavík to a farm in Hvalfjorður and Carla said: “I don’t even remember what my problems were at this point, I’ve forgotten everything.”

All we could think about were those amazing views and spending time with each other.  I think that was the best part, disconnecting for a bit from real life and just being together.

To what extent was the video planned ahead? Did you make any of it up as you were going along?

The only thing planned were the locations and the timing. We printed a schedule and a map, rented a car and just followed the route. We had the locations planned but we didn’t know exactly what we would find there. We wanted to make it spontaneous, like family vacations. We pulled over the car everytime we saw something we liked and went there with our tripod and filmed whatever we felt like. Also, there wasn’t many people driving; those roads were empty most of the time, so we drove like very slowly to film the landscapes without the camera bouncing too much.

We had an idea of what we wanted the video to look like though, we had some of the shots in mind, like standing in front of the geyser while it exploded. The fun part that you don’t see in the video is us standing there waiting for 10 minutes for the geyser to explode. Like, okay, it has to explode now, but nothing is happening.

You said this song tells a story of “waste and hypocrisy”—musically, what is this song trying to achieve? What do you want your audience to take away from it? 

As we always say, our songs are like our personal diary. We use them to express our feelings and to understand what’s going on inside our heads. This one is more about cleansing, taking all the anger out and also laughing at the bad moments. It’s more like an emotional exercise than a purely musical intention. We’re still trying to know ourselves better and understand why we feel or act a certain way.

We don’t know what we want our audience to take away from it haha I guess it’s up to them, we want to give them all.

As a punk band in 2018, what do you believe are your duties as an artist (if any)? 

We think our duties as a band are rehearsing a lot, giving the best show we can, staying true to ourselves and keep working and growing as people.

What’s next for MOURN? 

Keep rehearsing, keep playing, keep touring, keep writing, keep releasing music!

Anything else to add? 

Go to the geysers!

Images courtesy of MOURN

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