The out-of-this-world artist returns to MILK.XYZ with a delectable new vid.



Premiere: Oyinda's "Serpentine" Canteen Killa Remix Will Blow You Away

This spring, Oyinda graced the digital pages of MILK.XYZ with a delectable Friday playlist worthy of her subversive pop reign. Since then, we’ve been bumping to her selected tracks, playing “Serpentine” on repeat, and waiting anxiously for a follow-up to her Restless Minds EP, out last year to rave reviews. Today, thankfully, we’re serving up a little respite: new visuals for the Canteen Killa remix edition of “Serpentine”. Praise.

“Collaborating with Pussykrew on these visuals has allowed me to translate the tone of each track in such a vivid way,” she says. “The original songs all have a sense of vulnerability within them that can be misunderstood as ‘weak’ or ‘complaisant.’ However, these remixes remove that notion completely. There’s not a lot of representation working in this medium either so it was important to me that each sculpt felt monumental; each pose felt determined. That’s why I pulled inspiration from Greek Mythology, The Terracotta Army, things I thought represented a timeless sense of power.”

“With the ‘Serpentine’ remix Canteen Killa brought that intention forward. It’s as if the viewer is being hunted, taunted in the darkness of the jungle. It’s sadistic, it’s sensual, it makes you feel sunken into this reality.”

You heard it here first; the video for the “Serpentine” Canteen Killa remix is as sexy and sadistic as can be. No complaints here.

Featured image courtesy of Robin Harper

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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