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Premiere: Peep The Visuals For .knight's Upcoming Album

.knight‘s upcoming album, titled Potential Intermission, insights plenty of visuals on its own, but this artist isn’t taking any chances: instead of leaving it up to the listener’s ear, he’s enlisted the help of photographer Myles Loftin. What follows is a series of photos which breath life into the artist’s project, bringing each viewer on a multimedia tour (via sound and sight) of .knight’s (i.e. Ted Peters’) inner world. The best part? This is just the first in what’s slated to be a long and thoughtful series, centered around one singular concept: potential.

“When I reflect on the moments that have drastically affected my life, I am often able to trace these moments back to a single decision,” .knight says. “Every decision you make alters your timeline and creates a new possibilities, I became obsessed with this concept.”

Potential:Intermission is a story I believe anyone can relate too, Everybody struggles with feelings of inadequacy and depression. I believe everybody at some point questions whether or not they will truly realize their potential. I think a lot of people feel lost because they lack the vision (let alone the drive) to meet the expectations they set for themselves, they don’t know where they want to go and in some cases they simply don’t care. The story I’m telling is not a new one in fact it’s the opposite, this is a journey we all share.”

As a photographer, it was Loftin’s responsibility to interpret .knight’s musical art into his own visual version of the project, which essentially follows a day in the life of “Ted”, who is, according to .knight, “an apathetic male in his early 20’s struggling to find motivation or a sense of direction.” The story is a series of three “acts” separated into three song intervals.

“Before starting this project I listened to the mixtape on repeat a few times after Ted explained his the story that the tape follows,” he says. “I wanted to imagine what each song from the tape would look like as an image and how those images could be placed together to create a narrative. The tape is sort of a progression from a state of sadness or depression to acceptance and a road to recovery. Colors, and symbolism were the main two elements that helped communicate the emotions and themes covered in the tape.”

Peep the full set of photos above, exclusively on Milk.xyz, and keep .knight on your radar for the full album drop, coming soon to a computer screen near you.

Images courtesy of Myles Loftin

Stay tuned to Milk for more exclusive premieres. 

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