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Premiere: "Rendezvous" is RAINSFORD's Summer Scandal Inspo

Deep in the heart of Brooklyn, two passionate retirees got hot for each other, rolled around in the greens, and were caught by none other than artist RAINSFORD and her producer, Nick Dungo; a few hours of studio time later, and voila: “Rendezvous” was born. Such is the story of RAINSFORD’s latest single, and it couldn’t have come at a better time—with summer heating up as we speak, and romances blossoming left and right, “Rendezvous” just might be the single to define summer 2K17.

“I wrote ‘Rendezvous’ with my best friend/producer Nick Dungo last summer in Prospect Park,” she says. “We were taking a break from the studio to get a little sunshine and fresh air when we stumbled upon something very inspirational. Less than 20 yards away from us there was a couple who were very hot for each other, passionately making out, rolling around on top of each other in the grass…only they were probably in their late 60s. Which we found equally delightful, intriguing, and kind of gross. We playfully messed with them from a distance for a while singing Marvin Gaye, and coming up with pretend scenarios which could have led them here (Were they cheating on their spouses? Probably.). Ultimately we went back to the studio with our eyes and minds deliciously stimulated, and ‘Rendezvous’ is the result.”

An ’80s-inspired pop tune worthy of dominating both that decade and all the ones since, it’s safe to say “Rendezvous” is the indulgent, synth pop track we’ve been waiting for. See for yourself below, exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Images courtesy of Alex Spencer and Damian Borja 

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens. 

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