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Premiere: "I Revenge" by Funeral-Pop Powerhouse MXMS

Funeral-pop duo MXMS, comprised of singer Ariel Levitan and pianist Jeremy Dawson, describe their genre as follows: “the conjugality of death positivity, darkness and honesty into media.” In their own words, it’s the upside down of pop culture; a fresh, all together new take on what it means to be “pop” (and no, this isn’t “emo“, either).

Their latest single, “I Revenge”, falls under the same umbrella. Honest, personal, and full of IDGAF moments, “I Revenge” is about exactly what you think it’s about: vengeance (and they’re sure as hell not shy about saying it).

“This was my reaction to catching my ex cheating,” Levitan says. “My plan was to cut off his balls while he was sleeping and then try to process whether I felt guilty or not, because that was questionable. Rather than go to jail, Jeremy and I got it down on paper and created this song out of the whole experience and no one was hurt (besides me).”

Ready to hear more? Listen to the brand new track below, exclusively on

Featured image courtesy of MXMS

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