A film noir-inspired accompaniment to the "Road with Seven Lanes" single.



Premiere: "Road with Seven Lanes" Vid by BENTA

BENTA’s “Road with Seven Lanes” has been compared to the likes of Stranger Things (only the Holy Grail of moody 80s synth soundtracks, nbd), so it should come as no surprise that the accompanying video is just as gloomy (and artful) as the track. But we’ll go straight to the source and let BENTA speak to the visual interpretation himself:

“First, for the video we wanted to maintain the B&W, film noir, mysterious vibe. Being such a rhythmically focused track, we wanted to capture that rhythm through the video so we have elements of really cool, super-modern dance that peek through and tons of hard cuts in the edit to emphasize the percussion and the breaks. I feel that the video also really captures the sense of searching, seeking and interpersonal physical distance that comprises the lyrical content of the song in a new way that’s a bit left of center, but utterly interesting. Lastly, I wanted to really ensure that, like with everything we do, we pushed the boundaries in terms of the artistic medium we’re communicating through. I’m really happy with the expression here and the visceral sense you get from the video coupled with the song.”

BENTA is the reincarnation of a once-teen artist who stepped back from the spotlight to rediscover (and reinvent) his aesthetic. The result of such a huge musical catharsis? Tracks like “Road with Seven Lanes”, and other prior hits, like “Lover in Dark” and “Too Far To The Right”, for starters. And this video? Just the latest in a series of wholly original projects from the vision of one artist to the screen of your iPhone (or computer, if you’re stuck in an office like we are). Check the brand new vid above, exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Featured image courtesy of BENTA

Stay tuned to Milk for more exclusive first looks.

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